"Bug-Off"  Insect Repellent Essential Oil Roll-On
"Bug-Off"  Insect Repellent Essential Oil Roll-On
natural mosquito repellent non-toxic safe for kids
essential oil roll on made for mosquitos bug-off

"Bug-Off" Insect Repellent Essential Oil Roll-On

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100% pure therapeutic essential oil, in glass bottle with roller ball application, diluted in coconut oil so that it is skin safe.

 A potent blend of pure therapeutic essential oils expertly formulated to repel mosquitoes, now conveniently bottled for your on-the-go protection.

Crafted with care, our blend combines the power of nature's repellents, meticulously diluted in skin-safe coconut oil and housed in a glass bottle with a convenient rollerball applicator. Compact and portable, it's your perfect companion for outdoor adventures, whether tucked in your pocket, purse, or placed on your desk or nightstand.

Experience the freedom from pesky mosquitoes as you effortlessly apply our "Bug-Off" blend to your temples, neck, wrists, and ankles—everywhere those little pests love to bite. Reapply every two hours for continuous protection, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our all-natural, skin-friendly solution.

Take charge of your outdoor experience with our "Bug-Off" Essential Oil Roll-On—because when it comes to staying bug-free, nature knows best.

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