We Can Get Through It...And We Will!

This cartoon by Mike Thompson put a smile on my face....and all we can do right now during this unprecedented time in his history, when coronavirus (covid-19) is wreaking havoc around the world,  is to pass the smiles forward.....and of course, keep our distance, wash our hands and try to support each other any way we can.

It's easy to get stressed in these times...and we all are, but we have some things that might help a little bit. Lavender products to help us relax when we're finding it hard to sleep, or aromatherapy inhalers to remind us to stop and take a deep breath. We have all natural soap that won't make your hands feel like sandpaper from all that washing and gift baskets to send to loved ones who might be stuck at home and could use a pick me up.

We are offering 15% off all online orders, plus free shipping on order over $50 until our retail markets open back up and we can come find you in person again. We hope it won't be too long, and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well!

Get your 15% off by using coupon code SHOPFROMHOME at checkout . 

In the meantime, wash your hands , keep your distance, support small business and stay safe out there (or at home, rather). 

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